Roselle Dental Office Closing

Posted on Aug 30, 2021 in News | Comments Off on Roselle Dental Office Closing

This is Dr. Bogg. With deep regret I am informing you that I will be closing the Roselle office and will be working fulltime at the Clark office (about six miles away). It is a very emotional decision for me and after giving it a lot of thought that it is for the best for me moving forward. All of us, myself, Sandra and Theresa, are looking forward to seeing you there and providing you with continued uninterrupted care to the best of our abilities. Most of you have already seen me there so thank you.

The address is
Gentle Dental of Clark
1119 Raritan Road
CLARK NJ, 07066

Phone number is 848.467.4671

As always, if you have an emergency you can text me at 732.668.1657.

Dr. Bogg