Pregnant?? Is anyone you know pregnant?

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Some dental and oral considerations during pregnancy:

During Pregnancy it is more important to keep your routine cleaning and check-up visits. It is better to maintain health and treat all problems at an early stage. Babies while in the womb, start developing their teeth so make sure you follow your doctors’ orders on health, diet and vitamins.

X rays are usually not taken during the pregnancy. If it is an emergency and x rays have to be taken, you, the patient, will be double shielded and only the minimum number of x rays will be taken to determine the cause of the illness and then to treat it. Very low amount of radiation is used and it will not harm the patient or the baby.

Also any medication given will need to be okayed by your OB-GYN.

Harmonal changes can cause some changes in your Dental and Oral Health. One of them is Pregnancy Gingivitis. The gums get inflamed and tender and may bleed. Just continue your regular dental and oral hygiene. You may need to brush and floss and use mouth wash a little more often. You might want to get more frequent cleanings from your dentist during this period to keep it under control.

Sometimes small swellings appear on the gums. These are called Pregnancy Tumors and usually seen in the second trimester. They are non-cancerous and bleed easily. They are believed to be an excessive reaction to plaque. Consult your dentist. They are usually maintained with cleaning, irrigation, home care and they usually disappear after the baby is born.

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