My goal is Prevention

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I am excited to open my second office in Clark, NJ. I have been a practicing dentist since ‘89, the last fifteen years being in Roselle, NJ. I opened the second office in Clark to have a little more space and be able to spread my services over a wider area.

My goal is PREVENTION. One of my favorite sayings is “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. In Oral and Dental health, prevention is so important and easy but I fail to understand why a lot of people don’t make it a priority. Prevention in Dentistry is good oral hygiene habits and two visits a year to the dentist. The visits are to confirm that a person is doing a good job with hygiene and IF something was wrong , to be able to find the pathology like a cavity, a gum problem, a cyst or a crooked tooth etc. in a timely manner and treat it accordingly.

This will save the tooth and gums easily and in a very cost effective way too. Once a problem grows bigger, it involves more time and money to get it treated.

SO WHY NOT prevent it…

COST… Seems the most common reason. Again let me say that it is easier, less time consuming and more cost effective to get preventive treatment and conserve your dental and oral health rather than get a problem. Most insurance companies pay for the two checkups a year.

NO INSURANCE? NO PROBLEM. We offer an in house affordable Dental Health Savings Plan which is very helpful.

UNTIL you take the time to schedule your check up visit… here are some tips to maintain your Oral and Dental health:

  • Brush after breakfast and before dinner – so your teeth are clean most of the time in a 24 hr period
  • Floss – to clean between your teeth
  • Use Mouth wash
  • Drink water at the end of each meal and keep sipping water during the day

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