Hydrate yourself.

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As all my patients know, I always ask about your water drinking habits when you come in as a new patient and during your check ups. Drinking water helps keep you hydrated and healthy. It helps your oral health by washing away bog food particles and sweet stuff from your teeth and your gums. Even if you drink coffee or tea with sugar, soda or juice, I always encourage my patients to drink water at the end of every meal or a soft drink so the residue left on your teeth, gums and tongue are reduced.

Even for babies on bottles, if you cannot stop the bottle at night before bedtime, quickly take out the bottle with milk and replace with bottle with a little warm water so there won’t be any residual milk left in the baby’s mouth which is responsible for baby bottle tooth decay. Also most parts of the country have fluoridated water which is good for developing teeth in the young ones. It also helps with your digestion and general health. Drinking water also helps with weight loss and boosts your immunity by flushing out toxins from your body .

But most of us get busy and forget to drink enough water during the day. What I do personally is keep a bottle of water for my morning commute and another one for my evening commute and I do not get out of my car till I finish the bottle of water. I also keep a bottle on my desk and drink water in between seeing patients and I finish it before I finish my day. For those of you that need a reminder, here is a great invention.

Its cool.

Drink up……………… water.

Stay healthy

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