What is Halitosis?

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Patients always ask about bad breath aka Halitosis. People are always conscious about it especially when interviewing for a job, talking to friends, sitting next to a girlfriend or boyfriend etc.. so here is some information.

Bad breath Causes:

  • poor oral hygiene but can also be caused by retained food particles or gum disease or decay
  • people who have a medical infection, diabetes, kidney failure or a liver malfunction
  • Xerostomia (dry mouth) and tobacco
  • Cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy
  • stress, dieting, snoring, age and hormonal changes
  • postnasal drip
  • bacteria called H Pylori which sometimes grow in your intestine  

Saliva is important because it helps wash away food particles and bacteria, the primary cause of bad breath. To keep the saliva watery, keep sipping water during the day.

Avoiding foods that cause bad breath like onions, coffee etc can help. If you like these foods a lot, brush or rinse or drink water after eating them.

It is important to practice good oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day. To alleviate odors, clean your tongue with your toothbrush or a tongue scraper, a plastic tool that scrapes away bacteria that builds on the tongue. Chewing sugar-free gum also may help control odor.

If you have dentures or a removable appliance, such as a retainer or mouth guard, clean the appliance thoroughly before placing it back in your mouth. Before you use mouth rinses, deodorizing sprays or tablets, talk with your dentist, because these products only mask the odor temporarily and some products work better than others.

Specific conditions that cause bad breath need treatment based on the cause.

Regular dental visits will give you a thorough check up and get rid of the plaque and tartar with a cleaning, diagnose and treat any cavities. Bad breath causes can be determined and treated accordingly according to the cause of the bad breath. If it is from a systemic cause, you may be referred to your physician for further treatment.

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