A crown or a “cap” is a restoration that covers the entire tooth. A restoration is placed also on an implant. Crowns cover, protect, seal and strengthen a tooth.

A crown is needed to restore:

  • a broken or a fractured tooth which cannot be fixed by doing a filling.
  • a largely decayed tooth where there is not enough tooth to support a filling
  • a tooth treated with root canal treatment so that the dry tooth won’t fracture
  • worn down teeth – which need to be built up to normal anatomy
  • Malformed teeth – discolored, peg shaped laterals (genetically small teeth), cracked teeth
Old Crowns with leaky edges and discolored marginsNew Crowns made after cleaning decay treating teeth underneath

Crowns may be made of

  • Porcelain
  • Porcelain fused to Gold
  • Gold or metal

The remaining tooth is usually reshaped and smoothened. An impression is taken so it can be sent to the lab. In the interim, a temporary crown is made and inserted with temporary cement and instructions are given. At the follow up appointment, the temporary crown is removed and the porcelain crown is inserted with long lasting cement.

Old crowns discolored and leaking causing decay underneath leading to inflamed gums and abscesses.New Crowns with better edges and healthy gums and no decay.