Dental Insurance: The mystery

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A lot of my patients don’t understand how their insurance works and two of the the biggest questions I have from the patients is “IS MY INSURANCE GOING TO PAY FOR MY TREATMENT?” and “IF YES, HOW MUCH ARE THEY GOING TO PAY?” Easy question to ask, but DIFFICULT to answer. After all these years in practice, this is what I make out of it. Dental Insurance is different from Medical insurance. Medical Insurance usually has a fixed copay when you go in for a doctor’s visit. Dental Insurance is of various types. Again, this is my analysis after being in practice for a long time. Indemnity Dental...

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Hydrate yourself.

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As all my patients know, I always ask about your water drinking habits when you come in as a new patient and during your check ups. Drinking water helps keep you hydrated and healthy. It helps your oral health by washing away bog food particles and sweet stuff from your teeth and your gums. Even if you drink coffee or tea with sugar, soda or juice, I always encourage my patients to drink water at the end of every meal or a soft drink so the residue left on your teeth, gums and tongue are reduced. Even for babies on bottles, if you cannot stop the bottle at night before bedtime, quickly take...

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April is Oral Cancer Awareness month

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Here is a quick overview Influencing factors: Smoking Drinking Human papilloma virus Chewing tobacco Decreased resistance (trauma,  infection,  poor nutrition, etc.) combined with any of the above factors Perform a Self-Exam Monthly The best way for diagnosis is by keeping your regular dental checkups. It is part of the routine exam to look for oral cancer. The self exam is not a replacement for a check up done by your dentist. You could check periodically at home by doing the following. Remove any partials or dentures you may have. Use a mirror in a well lit room. Look for white patches,...

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Pregnant?? Is anyone you know pregnant?

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Some dental and oral considerations during pregnancy: During Pregnancy it is more important to keep your routine cleaning and check-up visits. It is better to maintain health and treat all problems at an early stage. Babies while in the womb, start developing their teeth so make sure you follow your doctors’ orders on health, diet and vitamins. X rays are usually not taken during the pregnancy. If it is an emergency and x rays have to be taken, you, the patient, will be double shielded and only the minimum number of x rays will be taken to determine the cause of the illness and then to treat...

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End of the year – Dental Benefits Check

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It’s the end of the year 2013 and everyone is in a festive holiday mood. Along with that, a lot of patients have the burden of picking their insurance for the upcoming year and have been asking questions about Dental Insurances and how to pick one that’s good for them. If the company you work for is offering more than one choice….. My advice – look through the plans, read the fine print and talk to the benefits manager to get all the details and explanations. Couple of things to keep in mind: Make sure your doctors are on your plan that you choose. Look for the amount of benefit you...

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Acidic Foods and Tooth Decay

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Dental Myth or Fact #2: Exposure to acidic foods like lemons causes tooth decay. Fact: Acidic foods such as lemons, citrus juices or soda don’t directly cause cavities but do weaken the enamel making the tooth more susceptible. If you lose the enamel’s protection and expose the underlying dentin, your tooth is now more prone to decay.

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