Halloween Candy

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It’s almost Halloooooooooweeeeeeeeeeen…………………. In the midst of all the BOOS and OUCHS and SCREAMS etc., the fun part is the CANDY – candycorn, eyeballs, gummy worms, to name a few. Keep it in moderation and take care of your teeth by following your routine hygiene instructions plus brushing a little more often and drinking water. Don’t let the candy cause an oral health nightmare. Don’t let any creepy cavities get into your teeth. The chewy candy gets stuck in the grooves of your teeth. Try to brush every time you eat something that...

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Holiday Season and Dental Hygiene

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Holidays are here…  popcorn, cookies, blintzes, eggnog, candy canes, and all the good stuff. All these taste great but are not good for your teeth. Most of the treats are high in fat and sugar content. That doesn’t mean you should not enjoy these treats. Eat them in moderation. Sip water all day long to get rid of the food particles from your teeth and to wash off the sugary stuff from your teeth.  Try cheese as a snack – it protects your teeth from the acid that causes cavities. Chew some sugarless gum to increase salivation and get rid of some of the food particles. Eat fresh...

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Geographic Tongue

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I keep seeing patients with geographic tongues at least once a month. Sometimes patients know that they have something on their tongue.      Geographic tongue is a harmless condition. It does not lead to any other conditions and does not cause any major health risks. Normally a tongue has papillae on it. They are usually pink and white. In geographic tongue patches of tongue get denuded and the papillae are lost. The appearance is a white or red patchy tongue making it look map-like. The patches move around frequently. There is no known cause for it but it is thought that genetics, stress,...

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Are your teeth sensitive?

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Tooth sensitivity is such a common problem. It is caused when the enamel wears away and the second layer of tooth (dentin) is exposed or when the root surface is exposed. Dentinal structure is tubular and there is fluid in the tubules. The movement of this fluid causes nerve irritation. It can be caused by several factors: Worn down enamel – brushing hard with a hard toothbrush Grinding (click here for more details ) Receding gums – brushing hard, gum disease Cracked teeth Bulimia and acid reflux causing wear of enamel Symptoms can be increased by consuming cold, hot, acidic or...

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Use it or lose it! Don’t let your benefits expire!!

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It’s the end of the year 2014 and everyone is in a festive holiday mood. Along with that, a lot of patients have the burden of picking their insurance for the upcoming year and have been asking questions about Dental Insurances and how to pick one that’s good for them. If the company you work for is offering more than one choice….. My advice – look through the plans, read the fine print and talk to the benefits manager to get all the details and explanations. Couple of things to keep in mind: Make sure your doctors are on your plan that you choose. Look for the amount of benefit you...

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Halitosis or Bad Breath

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One of the most common complaints that my patients come in with and wanted corrected is Bad Breath or Halitosis. Bad breath can be caused by various factors: Poor hygiene (inadequate brushing, flossing, cleaning the tongue may leave particles of food which then invite more bacterial growth and cause odors from the bacterial degradation) Gum Disease (allows food to stay between the gums and teeth and cause more bacterial growth) Cavities (are food traps, also allow more bacteria to grow) Abscess (due to deep cavities or advanced gum disease which cause accumulation of pus which is full of...

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