Halloween Candy

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It’s almost Halloooooooooweeeeeeeeeeen………………….

CandyIn the midst of all the BOOS and OUCHS and SCREAMS etc., the fun part is the CANDY – candycorn, eyeballs, gummy worms, to name a few.

Keep it in moderation and take care of your teeth by following your routine hygiene instructions plus brushing a little more often and drinking water.

  • Don’t let the candy cause an oral health nightmare.
  • Don’t let any creepy cavities get into your teeth.

The chewy candy gets stuck in the grooves of your teeth. Try to brush every time you eat something that can get stuck and stay there. The longer the candy stays in your mouth the more damage it can cause. If you can’t brush right away, chew a piece of sugarless gum or drink some water.

Something is better than nothing.

Here is an article for you from the AGD.


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