Mouth Breathing and Dental Issues

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Children who breathe through their mouth (lips open most of the time) need to be examined. Some kids breathe through their mouth because it’s a habit. Some breathe through their mouth because their nasal passage is blocked. Common causes of blockage are inflamed nasal mucosa, inflamed tonsils and adenoids. If it is blocked, mouth breathing is constant and can lead to several problems. It can cause dental and gingival (gum) problems, occlusal (bite) problems and affect the growth of the facial bones and musculature. The face of a chronic mouth breather usually looks thin and long and has narrow upper and lower jaws with crowded teeth. A referral to the ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) specialist would provide a diagnosis. A lateral ceph (type of X ray) will be taken to measure the airway.


Also the airway can be scoped with a spray anesthetic to look for the width of the airway.

If there is a physical block, appropriate treatment will be suggested. If treatment is done early, dental and bite problems are easy to treat. If braces are done to treat the teeth alone and the airway issues continue, there might be a relapse and the teeth might become crowded again.

Here is a dental case for a patient who had airway issues that was treated by Dr. Bogg at Gentle Dental of Roselle.





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