Dental Health Savings Plan

We understand the importance of quality dental health care. To combat the increasing cost of dental health care, we have developed our own dental plan.


This dental plan has an annual membership fee of

$295 for the primary member and

$249 for each additional family member

This membership includes:

  • Two regular check-ups per year
  • Two regular cleanings per year
  • X-Rays
  • 15% discount on general dentistry
  • 10% discount on braces
  • 10% on over-the-counter products

*Restrictions may apply.

Value Comparison

Service Our Plan Traditional Insurance
Annual Maximum Benefit None $1000 – $2000
Regular Cleanings and Check-ups Yes Yes
Necessary X-Rays Yes Yes
Braces 10% Discount Some
Cosmetic Services 10% Discount Some
No Pre-Approval Yes No
No Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusions Yes No
No Deductibles and No Waiting Periods Yes No
All other services 10% Discount No